Evolution of cell division is still not copy Assassin Creed

As early as last May , when Ubisoft have been identified to us “Splinter Cell 6 : blacklist” does not and can not be the last work of the series , Ubisoft has had a sequel for next-generation console game development plans. And “Splinter Cell 6 : Blacklist ” While the media and the players get the praise , but it also failed to achieve the expected sales Ubisoft earlier . In a recent interview, Ubisoft said that under a “Splinter Cell ” game will be even better , “Splinter Cell ” series has been in the “evolution ” with.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine , Ubisoft Toronto animation director Kristjan Zadziuk said: “We understand their routines , ” cell division ” did not like” Assassin’s Creed “series that has become so extravagant , but we have been in evolution forward . ”

Zadziuk continued: ” If you look at these games , no two” Splinter Cell ” is the same, this series has been evolved in adaptation to me, this is very exciting , we have been to .” cell division , ” the essence of the series is close , perhaps the most important of this game is not to become like ” Call of Duty ” that can be sold as a masterpiece or two million , maybe it ‘s the essence of it is to become the best ” Splinter Cell ” .”

Many players are also on the relationship another masterpiece “Splinter Cell ” and Ubisoft ‘s ” Assassin’s Creed ” series of curious and Zadziuk also explained to us that, as he said , although ” Assassin’s Creed ” There are many aspects which are worth they refer to , but they will never take a certain so-called shortcut, they will not simply copying other games .

” Far Cry 3 “is a very promising game, but this game is not suitable mechanism ” Splinter Cell “and let Sam climbed the tower and then press the next button simply does not make sense , but we also have our own logo of action. plagiarism ” Assassin’s Creed ” is not our style , our style is to let Sam smoother . ”

In this interview , Kristjan Zadziuk has referred to the “Splinter Cell “, ” Assassin’s Creed ” , “Far Cry ” Ubisoft ‘s renowned three game series , and it is clear that several series are also in development according to their own routines forward . We look forward to seeing it progress in the future “Splinter Cell 7″ .

Age Of Wushu Martial Honor Detailed Strategy

Martial Honor
After getting the gang all three skill books, complete the story line in Age of Wulin Silver Chapter 1, you want to do about it ? Prepare for your role is to collect the best practices arena reputation and martial honor

One. The role of martial Honor
Second strength acquisition (task or direct exchange)
A .1-30 level tasks methods. (No sects honor)
B .1-30 level certificate exchange method. (Requires 600 martial honor)
C .31-36 Level Cheats (requires 600 martial honor)
The third set of internal strength acquisition (token mission systems)
A. Cheats Level 1-30 (need 555 martial honor)
B. Cheats Level 31-36 (1260 martial certificate required)
Martial art tournament (martial position Optional)
A. Enter the token (requires 30 sects honor)
Certificates will be bound into a non-binding badge pack
A. Purchase of gold wire (second strength traders)
B. Applied 100 pound martial honor.

Two. Obtain martial methods of Age of Wulin Liang Honor
Weekly spying tasks (intelligence battle)
A. Head delivered 20 spy missions.
B. Complete the task awarded 70 honorary certificates.
Single spying mission
A. Daily maximum of five martial art monitoring tasks.
B. Complete the task to obtain two certificates of honor, get 10 per day.
Single spy patrols
A. Daily patrol cap is 20.
B. Complete the task to obtain a certificate of honor, a maximum of 20 per day.
Book task wins
A. Cheats theft task daily limit is five.
B. Complete the task to obtain a certificate, up to 5.
Nursing book task
A. Daily limit is five nursing books task.
B. Complete the task to obtain a certificate. Up to 5
Martial art of war
A. Limited to Friday and Saturday at 9:30 pm (server time).
B. Participation in the war the main sects get ranked reward packages 100% of martial honor certificate.
C. Assist sects get 50% of the school’s honor.
D. Rank bags will be based on Age of Wulin Gold the situation reward 50,000 – 30 Honor.

Diablo 3 is representative of human organization

In the third century, Horazon and Bartuc two brothers became the most prominent diablo3 gold buy magician Vizjerei tribe they are equally powerful and ambitious, obsessed with demons hand from high school was magic, but in any case, they are devil’s magic has a different view. oration that: devil is extremely powerful source of strength, if you want to call it to the limit, we must control a demon, making it subservient to the control of the will, while his brother was the opposite, Bartuc although advocating the power of the devil, but he thought it should be the Demon Lord’s authority, so that you can freely use these magic, and he is so hard to go because of the pursuit of the two brothers are no longer the same, Vizjerei tribe can not inevitably split.

When they upgrade to the conflict must be used to solve the brutal violence, the soldiers realized that they were the devil’s main juggling between, but everything is too late. With the escalation of the war, the entire sky was burning when everything is over, leaving the heavy regret and remorse. Bartok dead, Horazon bring their exiled to distant unknown, the whole tribe Vizjerei also been a severe lesson. residual sorcerer vowed never spurned demonic magic and elemental magic re-cultivation in order to prevent the same disaster from happening again, they secretly developed a purpose: practicing magic in order to defend the entire tribe, destroy the devil, which is later Viz-Jaq’tear, magic killer – it is often said that the organization of assassins!

If you remember the game, for the second act of the mysterious sanctuary should be some impression, which finally killed by those who call open that book, the book is Hela Sen in a cheapest diablo3 gold sense, Hela Sen and Bate Ka both are Summoner, and that control Hela Sen’s book Summoner and who is it?

Then the so-called religious organization
Zakarum Orders
The doctrine of the sect is initially by an angel to human, doctrine advocating the light, resist evil, and in the Kurast, the then capital of KGI Stan began to spread up.
Uakari Zakarum atmosphere High Council and the hands of Sylvester Knights, the former are called the priests, and the latter is Paladin.

High Council of Qui Black Gang leaders affiliated with a vote you must be very familiar with, Burui Mu, Ismail, Ghraib, muffle, Bate Ke, etc. Of course, if these names are preceded by sparks boxing, evil hands, the hands of the flames, the dragon hand or something, you must become more familiar with…

Once, they are noble, devout believers bright, but they will hate the king Mephisto imprisoned in travincal Temple of Light, the High Council gradually being controlled by Mephisto. In addition to the rest of the prison guards, others have become the devil faithful waiter, and providing information to the devil on his behalf to convey orders to mislead the ignorant believers.

Hand of Zakarum can be considered as a subordinate military factions, after the fall when the High Council, part of the Paladin escaped, fleeing the Western countries, where it continues to preach.

Originally this vote is the first to be cheap diablo3 gold Hom Paladin Archbishop Lazarus Durres are bought, used to maintain and enforce Liao Ke king’s tyranny, but after all, is just the ticket Paladin, found not immediately defection, ran home Durres enemy Sylvester continued to preach and to fight against the evil of the devil, so called
Sylvester Knights.

In fact, it should be considered strictly to count the hands of Zakarum branch…
Finally, the game ‘s most famous magic organization

This organization was convened by the Archangel Tyrael magician monks organized in all areas of special type of weather for the devil’s magic guild.

Headquartered in Tristram Cathedral, Church marched beneath their biggest booty Diablo.
The organization in the description quite powerful, but we only see in the game Kane, an old man, no doubt, this old man escape ability is very strong.

As Tyrrell died in Tal Rasha’s grinning sound, it is a thorough tragedy…
All in all, this has a rich heritage of the organization, but it is tragic engraved in the body, there is no doubt that they can only serve as a tool heaven, devil sent to detention for three, but can also provide power soul stone.
When the three devils were sealed, the organization has completed his mission, lost in the river.
Unfortunately, they made sacrifices, it seems buy d3 gold nothing more than a field deplorable farce, even that Tristram’s Cathedral, and the ruins of flames…